Results and performance

The validated Progress 8 was confirmed at +0.29.  This is significantly above the 'floor target' of -0.5 and above the expected progress score of 'zero'.  This data includes 2 students who were unable to attend the academy full-time due to medical conditions and were not able to sit the full 8 subjects.

The Progress 8 score of the students who attended the academy full-time was + 0.40.

Final validated Secondary School League Table - 2017

The national average for state funded schools is -0.03

The average for state funded schools in North East Lincolnshire is -0.02

 Rank Secondary School Progress 8 Score
 1 Humberston Academy +0.58
 2 Healing Science Academy +0.33
 3 Beacon Academy +0.29
 4 Toll Bar Academy +0.25
 5 John Whitgift Academy +0.19
 6 Cleethorpes Academy  -0.01
 7 Havelock Academy  -0.04
 8 Oasis Academy Wintringham  -0.22
 9 The Academy Grimsby (TAG)  -0.37
10 Oasis Academy Immingham -0.46
11 Ormiston Maritime Academy                            -0.90

Similar Schools Analysis

Beacon Academy finished 18th in our group of 55 similar schools.  We moved from 28th to 18th in the table of similar schools.  This means that we moved above 10 similar schools, whose children had higher attainment 8 estimates on entry.  There are only 17 schools in the entire UK with a similar profile of students who achieved higher than us.  We achieved higher than the other 37 schools nationally with a similar profile to us.

Beacon Academy (based on full performance) is ranked as the 760th best performing school in the UK; there are 6,323 secondary schools in the UK.

There is no better performing similar school (than Beacon Academy) that is within 75 miles of the school.